About the show

Written by Glenys Evans
Directed by James Williams and Gaynor Lougher
Design by Mary Drummond
Lighting Design by Jane Lalljee

The Cast of ‘Old Hands’

It’s another 1930’s summer season and times are hard for the ‘Little Theatre’ at Skidbury-on-Sea. The acting Manager is struggling with the books, so all hopes are pinned on a renowned ‘songbird’ from the City who, it is hoped, will bring the audiences flooding back in.

With her she brings a wide-eyed young man, who trails behind her, and bears the brunt of her artistic temperament… and quietly, quietly in the wings sits the junior stagehand, watching and waiting as rehearsals begin…

Old Hands is an inclusive production, and we are extremely pleased that Gareth Clark and Andrew Tadd, two actors with learning disabilities will be acting in the play. Gareth toured with Hijinx to great acclaim in 2008 with Full Circle and Andrew has been a member of our Odyssey Theatre project for the last 2 years.


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